Bill Port & Jennifer Porter

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that we are recommending the services of Ferie Bailey who represented us in the sale of our condo at 21 Antibes in Laguna Sur.

Ferie convinced us from the very beginning that she had the experience and expertise to do the job and she proved that throughout the process. Her knowledge of the local real estate market in the area gave her the basis for evaluating and pricing our home to sell at a competitive and realistic price.

She patiently guided us through the arduous task of completing all the necessary forms to put the house on the market. Then within days, she started the marketing process. Using all the resources of First Team she engaged a professional photographer who made a superb 3D video, and circulated that as well as flyers throughout the area. She hosted a very well attended luncheon for real estate professionals and worked tirelessly to ensure that we had the very best exposure. Her attention to detail gave us so much confidence that we were in the right hands.

As a result of all these efforts, we were fortunate to have an offer within four days of the house going on the MLS.

Ferie then engaged in the next step with her great negotiating skills and diplomacy, she secured a price that supassed any previous sales that condos of this size in our community have previously have sold for. The house then went into escrow. Again her attention to detail guided us effortlessly through that step.

The sale has been completed to everyone's satisfaction, and we cannot say enough about the way in which it has been conducted. Ferie has not left a stone unturned and we are so grategul for the support and expertise that she has given us during this successful endeavor.

Bill Port & Jennifer Porter

Antonella Sciortino & Feike J. Leij

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that we are recommending the serviecs of Ms. Ferie Bailey for your real estate needs. Ferie was our realtor for the sale of our home in Aliso Viejo as well as for the purchase of our home in Rancho Mission Viejo.

We have lived at 43 Tortuga Cay in the Windwards community since 2004. We have known Ferie for most of that period because she regularly makes the rounds at the Windwards. In the past she helped us with the refinancing of the property. When we decided to sell, Ferie came over to discuss the benefits of various home improvements. ultimately we changed window covers and kitchen counter, and we had the whole interior painted. Ferie provided a wealth of useful and reliable contacts. We used her recommendations for painter, window coverer, mover, floor installer, among others. She even came up with the ultimate color scheme for the various sections in the house. The eventual sale of our home went very smoothly. Ferie's negotiation skills came in handy with multiple bids and minor home inspection issues. She stayed on top of everything involved in the home improvement and sale process, which took place during the latter part of 2016 and early 2017. She was easy to work with despite our work schedule and overseas travel.

Ferie suggested that we look in Rancho Mission Viejo for our new home. She accompanied us while visiting new communities and we purchased a home in Aubergine, a neighborhood built by TRI Pointe Homes, at Esencia. She convinced the sales staff to take our offer seriously, even though our old home was not even on the market. The purchase process was also somewhat long. However, there were no delays and Ferie stayed in regular contact with sales and mortgage staff of the builder. As part of the sale of our old home, Ferie arranged for a two-month rental from the buyer to allow selected items to be installed in our new home.

In summary, we have no hesitation to recommend Ferie. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.


Antonella Sciortino & Feike J. Leij
(949) 545-7880
16 Formero Street
Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694

John & Rossana Powell

To whom it may concern,

One of the best moves that we’ve made in a long time was selecting Ferie Bailey, who we met at an open house, to be our buyer’s agent. Based on past experience, we know what a difference a good realtor can make in terms of money, time, stress and a successful outcome.

Ferie did an outstanding job managing every aspect of the home buying process for us, without pushing us to make decisions in a certain way. She educated us on the changes in real estate law and provided us with valuable input on the different neighborhoods within our target cities. Ferie carefully listened to our needs and priorities; showing us many houses that closely matched our requirements. She never pressured us to select a house that we didn’t feel comfortable with.

Ferie effectively negotiated the price and terms that we wanted. We ended up buying our new home for an amount less than what it appraised for and within the budget that we had originally established. She also minimized our effort and stress during the discovery and due diligence portion of the home buying process. She is honest and ethical, has connections to many professional resources and will give you the time and attention you need.

Finally, Ferie put our best interest before her own, taking a smaller commission than she should have in order to help us get the home that we wanted. She is passionate about what she does and will work hard to help you find and acquire the home that you desire. We highly recommend Ferie!

John and Rossana Powell

Sureshkumatmangadu & Sasikala

Ferie Bailey is exceptional , Outstanding and easy going.. She knows how to get work done on time, Good Negotiator and never forced me to buy a house , in fact , she helped in choosing the right house . I may have not have got the house If I was not represented by Ferie Bailey.... Btw , I need to complement her for introducing me to an excellent lender, home inspector , handy man and Gardner.. Keep up the good work.. God willing if I buy another house , you will be first and only choice. "

Sureshkumatmangadu Mangadu Praghasha & Sasikala Sureshkum

Hassan & Gina Khouri

Hassan & Gina Khouri

July 29th 2015
We want to express our appreciation and thanks to Ferie Bailey for helping us sell our house in Ladera Ranch and helping find a new home for our family. Ferie did an excellent job presenting and marketing our house and was able to find us the perfect buyer. Ferie is very experienced, professional and reliable and was also able to negotiate a 60 day rent back from the new owner until we purchased and moved into our new home. The whole process of selling our home and finding us a new home within a short amount of time went smoothly in large part to the efforts of Ferie who was there from start to finish.
We have known Ferie for many years and look forward to working with her again in the future for all our real estate needs.
Best Regards,
Hassan Khouri

Peter Heifetz

To Whom It May Concern
I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Ferie Bailey as a realtor. Throughout the entire process Ferie was professional, conscientious, and motivated. She also helped to set me up with a knowledgeable escrow officer and a great mortgage broker.
The process and time required to purchase a short-sale property can be tedious and painfully slow, but Ferie relentlessly pushed on the bank to expedite the process to a degree I originally thought not possible. I greatly appreciated her continuous communication throughout the process to manage the endless amount of paperwork, and help me understand the overall status.
I can't thank Ferie enough for making my home purchase process quick and easy, and helping me get a great deal!
Peter Heifetz

Brian Zane Bark, Esq.

Dear First Team Real Estate,

I write to let you know what a true gift you have in Ferie Bailey.

Ferie spent a substantial amount of time working with us to find the perfect home. Once we found our dream house, Ferie's patience, dedication and integrity were obvious to everyone, including the seller and her agent.

Ferie is also a remarkable negotiator. She has a rare gift of being assertive, but in a non-offensive way. Not only did she negotiate a great deal for us, she turned every obstacle into an opportunity. Even after escrow closed, Ferie continued to work with the seller's agent and us through the resolution of every detail.

Above all, Ferie brought to Carol and me peace of mind and comfort - not to mention a beautiful home. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in purchasing or selling real estate.

Very truly yours,

Brian Zane Bark, Esq.

Kenn McFarland - CFO

Dear Ferie,

Kristine and I want to thnk you for the tireless effort that you, and your entire Team, put into the marketing and sale of our home. Your professionalism kind nature and business prowess were beyond reproach. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed all interactions with you and your entire stuff. Should the need arise, my wife and I would eagerly seek the services of you, and your Team, for the sale or acquisition of a new home in the future.

We not only look forward to a continued business relationship with you, should we sell or buy another home in the future, but, look forward to a friendship that will go well beyond this and the next business transaction.

Again, our thanks to you and your entire staff for the very successful sale of our home.

Respectfully yours,

Kenn McFarland
Sr. Vice President & CFO

Remzi Oten, Ph.D.

I have known Ferie Bailey for more than 5 years: since the time we start looking for our first home together. Since that time we have bought 2 houses and sold one of them with Ferie's assistance as a Real Estate Agent.

If anybody is looking for an agent, I am strongly recommending him/her to work with Ferie. Since I had experience with other Real Estate Agents before, I can easily say sheis one of the best agents. These are my own personal reasons why I think she is the best:

  1. She shows great effort to understand her clients' way on approaching various issues, ...what their sensitivities are, ...what their worries are, ...what their backgrounds are. And instead of forcing the client to adapt her way, she tries to adapt the client's way to make him/her comfortable. ... And she does this very successfully.
  2. She looks at the client/agent relationship as a long term relationship. Becomes a good friend and builds trust And I think must be the single most important feature of any agent. While dealing with a big transaction such as buying or selling a house, nobody wants to question the trust they have to the people they are working with.
  3. Instead of caring about what other people are going to say/think about her, she consistently works for the benefit of her client, gives a fight to receive the most benefit for her client. She comprehensively thinks about all the issues that may benefit her client. While working with her I feel so comfortable that she will bring up these issues and I do not even have to think about them. In other words, I let her to do the dirty work that I will never want to do myself.
  4. She has a complete network of good professionals that make all the transactions faster, smoother, and less painful to the client. All the people she is working with (from loan broker to escrow agents) have a high respect for her and they are also very knowledgeable in their area.
  5. She is not only the most patient I know, but she is also the most patient person I know of. She understands that her clients are humans with their difficult times in life and she shows patience to many things that may annoy most people when dealing with clients. I am grateful that she showed patience to me in many times I become difficult.
  6. To make the buying/selllng shorter, many agents push their clients to settle in to the things that they are not so comfortable. However, Ferie really takes her time with her clients to make sure that they settle in to the things that they are (and they will be) comfortable.

I am very pleased to know Ferie as a person and as my agent and I strongly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a good Real Estate Agent.

Remzi Oten, Ph.D.

Serge & Christine Taba

We are very pleased and honored to write this letter of recommendation. We hope that you will share it with your new clients.

Coming from a different country, we were not familiar with the American real estate world. After some unfortunate try with some other real estate company, we are happy we decided to switch to First Team Real Estate in general and to Ferie in particular.

We were looking for a small lot property with a better location in the south of Orange County. We Worked on a budget we could live with and we set our target prices to sell the old house to buy the new one.

To say the least, we were not confident at all that it would happen and we had decided not to exceed our budgets. If we felt quite comfortable with the idea we would find another house we would be happy to live in, we had serious doubts about the sell of the old house, and that for two reasons: the first one was because we already tried with another realtor company and it did not work, the second one is because a similar house had been for sale for a couple of months just next street...at a price lower than the one we were asking for ours.

To our amazement, Ferie pulled it out, she got us an offer on the house exactly at the price we were expecting, not a penny less, and in 2 weeks.

As anticipated, finding a new home was much easier. We toured some homes with Ferie so she could gauge our tastes, then in less than a week we made an offer on a beautiful home with ocean view from Catalina Island to San Clemente Island.

What is difficult to appreciate is all the work happening in the background, Ferie took care of verifying the validity of the offers we got, she got the papers in order with the escrows and the other realtors, she introduced us to Maurice Cohn of Gold Funding who help us with our financial questions and loan, she took care of the house inspections. We do not know how many phone calls she placed to insure all the Ts were crossed and all the Is were dotted, but when came the time to sign the transactions, all in the same day, within few hours from closing to each others, she pushed hard on every one to have all the last minute details figured out.

Thank you Ferie for having made our dream come true. It is without reservation that we would recommend you to anyone looking for a first class real estate agent.

Serge & Christine Taba

Tonia Hagen

To All Potential Clients:

What can I say about Ferie Bailey?

She is THE BEST. Working with her provided me the best experience I I've ever had. From the moment I met her at an open house I felt instantly that she understood what I was looking for. She took the time to get to know me, my situation, and my needs. When my emotions at times tried to lead me astray, she was right there to reel me in and remind me what I really needed.

She proved to be incredibly knowledgeable of the local real estate market, from pricing my home to sell, to taking me to see properties that were appropriate for me. I always felt as though we were using our time wisely. Her background in contract law and negotiations proved invaluable to me as-well. From getting me out of a situation where I was in over my head, to negotiating an offer on a property I thought was wishful thinking.., she made things happen.

To work with Ferie Bailey is to know that you are in the hands of a true professional, a warm and genuine soul, and someone that truly has YOUR best interests at heart. And she'll keep you in stitches, too.

Happy Hunting,

Tonia Hagen

Margaret & Michael Giloth


FERIE BAILEY has been our real estate professional since 2001 when I walked into an open house to "just check it out". In her engaging way, Ferie opened the dialogue about my future real estate needs. We had purchased our first condo three years earlier and were very happy. We had entertained thoughts of having an extra room but that was just a flighty dream, because we thought we couldn't afford a bigger house. Ferie took my information and diligently followed up as she said she would. She took the time to explain the benefits of using the equity in our home to move up to something bigger. Since we are fairly conservative investors, our initial reaction was to be extremely careful and not bite off more than we could handle. However, Ferie had sparked the possibility of having that extra room we had dreamed of ...and the rest is history. We upgraded to our second condo gaining a loft, two-car garage, larger balcony, and a spectacular view!

We've lived here happily for the pest four years. During that time, Ferie maintained constant contact with us through her mailings and.periodic phone calls. Her follow-through is second to none; and she is an expert at working through the fine details in contracts. We trust Ferie to protect us as her clients. On a personal level, she has shown a genuine interest in our family, and we've enjoyed many long chats about non-real estate-related issues. It is a pleasure to know Ferie!

We're embarking upon the adventure of relocating to Bermuda, and having sold our home, we fully appreciate, the value of Ferie's guidance to upgrade four years ago and our wisdom in following her professional advice. Although we have close friends in the real estate business, we once again trusted Ferie to direct the sale of our precious home. Despite our initial reluctance to tone down the interior colors, we again followed Ferie's advice and applied fresh paint in a neutral color. We're convinced that this action helped to sell quickly. We couldn't be more pleased with everything from the final price to the ease of escrow.

We highly recommend FERIE BAILEY as a first-rate real estate professional.  She helped us turn our dreams into reality, and we know she can do the same for you!

Margaret & Michael Giloth

Bradford Tropea, M.D.

To Whom it May Concern,

This letter is to recommend Ferie Bailey as an excellent real estate agent. Ferie assisted us in the purchase of our new home. She was reliable, very hard-working and honest. She spent many hours trying to find us the best home and even sat outside a client's house for hours waiting to speak to the appropriate agent. She knew that I was interested in the house I am living in and spent the extra time that was beyond the call of duty. Personally, she is of the highest caliber but always protects your interests.

I will certainly ask Ferie to help us purchase our next home.

Thank you.

Bradford Tropea, M.D.
Seacliff-Huntington Beach, CA

The Quinn's and Browns

To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my appreciation for Ferie's expertise in the business and her tireless hard work..

When we decided to sell our home we met with three agents. Ferie's presentation impressed us the most because we felt her professionalism and knowledge of the business was genuine. We sensed she would deliver on her promise to sell our house at top dollar and work hard to get us a great deal on a new one.

She proved we made the right choice in the first week. She held an open house and took the time to answer the buyers questions and patiently walked them through the house. Later that night their agent called Ferie and asked what his clients needed to do to get our house, and Ferie answered, "offer asking price". We were extremely pleased when we got the top dollar asking price and were very impressed with how quickly Ferie made it all happen. She then worked diligently to make sure the process was painless for us and worked many late nights to unwearyingly explain paperwork and go over all of the steps in selling our home. She also negotiated a great deal for our new house and made the offer process go very smoothly. She always stayed on top of everything and impressively followed through on every little matter. Ferie always exceeded our expectations and made us feel like her most important client.

We plan to use her again to buy our next home and will refer her to anyone who needs an agent.


The Quinn's and Browns

Jean and Lina Wakim

Dear Ferie,

Lina and I wish to thank you very much for your efforts in connecting with the purchase of our new home at Coronado Pointe, Laguna Niguel.

The location, floor plan, age, and other specifications of the house that we wanted to buy were very stringent! Through your tireless efforts, patience, sincere and positive attitude, and rich knowledge of the real estate market in South Orange County you were able to find the house that we exactly wanted.

I also wish to thank you for your very professional work and valuable counsel in connection with making the right purchase offer, opening escrow, closing escrow etc. Your being there with Lina whenever she needed your assistance made buying our new home a very relaxed and pleasant experience.

Again we both than you very much.

Jean and Lina Wakim
Coronado Pointe, Laguna Niguel

The Nicholsons

Dear Ferie,

We would like to thank you for making our dream come true. We never thought that we would own a home, but with your honesty, integrity, hard work, and persistence, you made it possible. You have proven to us that we made the right decision in selecting you as our agent. We appreciate how well you worked with us, and we feel you are an asset to your profession. We know there is no other agent that works as hard as you do. You were very prompt at returning our calls, and as first time home buyers your knowledge was comforting and helpful at many things we did not understand. We could never thank you enough for all the extra effort that you have put in for making this possible.

Thank you very much.

The Nicholsons

Aliso Viejo, CA

Gary and Mary Stom

Dear Ferie:

We wish to express our sincere thanks for your dedicated service to us, and your commitment to helping us find our new home. Thanks to your hard work, and knowledge of the local real estate market, we got the home that we desired.

We know that it was a difficult job to get this home for us, given the current market conditions, and this is a testament to your skills as a good real estate agent. We would be happy to provide our personal recommendation to any of your future clients.

Very truly yours,

Gary and Mary Stom
Foothill Ranch, CA

Biff Hodges

Hello Ferie,

Just a short note to share with you how happy we were with your service in regards to marketing our home and all that entails. (marketing calls, flyers, mailers, photos, listings, etc)

Even from the interview we were aware both you and First Team had all the correct tools to make a sale. You have knowledge of the real estate industry that we needed to weed out the non-serious tire kickers and assist with the real buyers. Obviously this ability saved us both a lot of time.

At each step of the process, from the home inspection , to termite inspection, to dealing with the home owners association, bank and escrow, you were always there and handled the issue in a professional manner.

When problems arose, as the undoubtedly do, you were on the phone immediately to resolve it. I appreciate good communication throughout the whole process, and you did not disappoint with emails, phone calls, and most importantly in person.  You were very energetic and made the whole process run smoothly

We were able to sell our home with your expertise in 7 days, and close escrow in 30 days. I think that says a lot about your business acumen, especially in the down market in which we are going through.

If in the future we have the need of a GREAT REALTOR, we know who to call.

Thank you again Ferie , and we are proud to recommend you to anyone needing a Quality Realtor in the Southern California area.


Biff Hodges

Other references for Ferie